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Cupping for Self-Care

Cupping For Self-Care

This course will help you learn and develop self-care skills utilizing cupping therapy to: 

  • Prevent and decrease injuries.

  • Work on personal problematic areas.

  • Gain a better understanding of receiving cupping.

  • Understanding the benefits and contraindications for this technique.

Class Details:

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Student Reviews


Thank you for a great class today!


Last night I tripped down my stairs and strained my right peroneal tendons on top of my foot. Was swollen and hurt to walk today but was still able to come to class.


When I got home today and stepped out of my car, I notice my foot barely hurt anymore. I looked down and the swelling was almost gone. I'm kind of glad I hurt myself last night because I just learned first hand how effective the cupping was on my lower leg, I believe it sucked the swelling right out of my foot.


I'm excited to have cupping in my self-care toolbox! Thanks again!


Raena B.

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