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Corrective exercise

Personal Training and Corrective Exercise

Level Up offers a variety of Personal Training and Corrective exercise services for those looking to recover from and prevent injuries, lose weight, increase athletic performance and more.

Increase Athletic Performance

Together we can work together and set goals and make sure you are reaching your peak physical performance. Some great example goals would be

  • Increasing muscle strength

  • Building body mass

  • Lose weight

  • Increase balance and body control

  • Increase speed and anaerobic performance

  • Increase mobility and flexibility

Level Up Personal Training Benefits

Recover from Injuries

When recovering from an injury your body usually deals with "muscle imbalances." The injured muscles are often weak after not being used and the supporting muscles take over which is known as "Synergistic Dominance." All this can lead to improper healing and teaches your body to use muscles not for their intended purpose which can lead to further injuries.

Corrective Exercise plays a key role in this phase as we can identify where your muscle imbalances are and teach them how to function properly together. On top of that we also work on stability in the joints and muscles to make sure future injuries are avoided by working on your foundation.

Level Up Personal Training Benefits
Level Up Personal Training Benefits

Prevent Injuries and Live Pain Free

Throughout our daily lives we tend to put our body in compromised positions and follow the same usage patterns. This tends to cause us to us to exhaust specific muscles and throw of our body's ability to function properly.

By making sure that all our body's muscles are operating appropriately and the muscles are doing their jobs we can make sure to avoid injuries in the future. We can also work on putting the muscles in challenging and unstable positions with lighter weight to increase the stability in the muscles and joints.

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