COVID-19 SAFETY procedures

At Level Up your health and safety is a top concern. Here are some of the procedures I am following to make sure you are as safe as possible:

1) Clients will be spaced at least 30mins apart for proper room ventilation of particles. This means that during most sessions, and in between sessions, when weather appropriate the window will be open to increase air flow.

2) I will be wearing a mask during sessions and providing disposable masks for clients as needed.

3) Client will be pre-screened with a very brief questionnaire and have their temperature taken with a touch-less infrared digital forehead thermometer. If for some reason you aren't accepted for massage I won't charge a late fee. Just make sure you avoided contact with anyone infected with Covid-19 and feel well and you should be fine. There will be a questionnaire sent to clients prior to session that can be filled out ahead of time or answer before the session begins.

Level Up Air Purifier




4) An air purifier will be located under the massage table next to the face cradle to capture anything leaving my clients and to maintain the air quality in the room at all time.

5) The room, massage tools, table, and furniture will be completely wiped down between each client.

6) Every evening the room will be vacuumed before leaving.

7) Laundry will be brought home after close

* I will be following any other king County recommendations in Seattle, Wa.