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Cupping Classes for studios

Cupping for Self-Care Classes (2-3 Hours)


Hiring Level Up Massage to teach your stdio the basics of self-care with cupping and the many great benefits. It teaches your studio practitioners a new way to perform self-care with minimal effort on their own body. This can be one of the best ways to hit those difficult areas without another therapist's help.


You might be considering offering cupping at your studio in the future. This crash course on how to perform it on your own body can give you insight if your clients will enjoy this bodywork just as much as you do.

During this seminar we will:  go over a brief history, how it works, benefits, contraindications, provide a demo, and then offer a chance for everyone to experiment with the cups on themselves and answer questions.

Cupping Therapy for Studios (12 CE Hours)


Hire Level Up to teach your studio's practitioners the basics of how to use cupping therapy on your clientele. 

During this seminar we will: 

  • History of cupping therapy.

  • Benefits & contraindications.

  • Discuss how cupping works and the different types.

  • Provide demos and practice of each area of the body.

*Pictures from Self Care Seminar at Gene Juarez

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