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I have been going to Tayler for a couple of years now for massage therapy. With his talent and passion for finding new techniques and creative solutions, and his great advice for how to improve self care in between visits, I have a body that moves and functions better now than it has in a long, long time. He is constantly improving and growing his tool kit to include a wide variety of techniques, and probably my favorite thing is that he talks with me about what's going on and what's working and how things feel, and then uses the things he believes will work best that day to address my body's needs. I don't have to guess which is best myself, and I don't have to pay for an add on like I have seen in so many places before. He brings all of his skills and tools into every massage and uses my input and his own expertise to deliver the best massage for me each time, and the results I feel weeks after speak volumes.


Also, while amazing massages are amazing, they're not the only important part of a good massage therapist. Tayler is also very professional and very comfortable to work with, I have never felt uncomfortable on his table for an instant.


I hesitate to describe him as "the best massage therapist in the whole darn world" only because I think you won't believe it if I say that. Seriously though, I've seen had a lot of massages by really a lot of people, and none have been as well-tailored to my needs, as effective, or had results as long-lasting as the results I get working with Tayler.


tl;dr? 11/10 would recommend :)

          Amber C.

Tayler’s approach to injury treatment is one of a kind. The execution of his massage is clearly from an educated view point. He communicates thoroughly and incorporates multiple modalities to achieve stellar results. I left my treatment of a rotator cuff injury after only half an hour with increased range of motion and decreased pain. I highly recommend Tayler.

          JB K.

I am a serious rock climber and my upper body occasionally suffers from overworking. Earlier this year, I've injured my fingers during climbing, which is still persistent. I went through a forearm session with Taylor and am AMAZED how I feel much more comfortable with my injury. Taylor is very knowledgeable with respect to human body and the muscles susceptible to athletic wear and also really great in explaining them along with the methods he uses. I definitely recommend Taylor for all the athletes out there whether looking for general relief or needing for injury therapy. Thumbs up!

          Kelly P.

I've been getting professional massages for the past 6 years and I am truly impressed with Tayler. Definitely the best massage I've had. He was professional, listened and read my body well, and addressed every problem area I had. I felt like a new person after! I'll definitely be a regular of Tayler's from now on.

          Jenni Q.

I've been seeing Tayler for several months now for deep tissue massage and cupping. Due to my occupation as a dental hygienist, I have chronic muscle and joint pain and inflammation. Tayler has a soothing yet interactive technique to relieve my sore muscles and let it relax. He has flexible schedule, extremely personable and very professional! Highly recommend!!!

          Danny S.

Tayler fixed up my tight shoulders and glutes and gave me the self care practices to maintain the improvements he made to my body. This was my first massage focused on muscular health, instead of relaxation, and I'm really pleased with the results. He's professional and a good communicator, explaining the benefits of the work he's doing as he goes. Oh yeah, also don't skip on the cupping, it feels amazing and you get some cool temporary tattoos to impress and surprise your friends :)

          Lucy B.

I've been dealing with some intense shoulder issues, and Tayler's massages have been such a huge help. He has great healing energy, and is very enthusiastic about his work. The cupping and gua sha techniques and tools that he uses in a very customized way for me seem to be accelerating my healing. After a 90-minute massage with Tayler, I'm always very relaxed and hopeful that my body is on its way to full recovery. I would highly recommend Level Up Massage!

          Christopher C.

I would definitely recommend Tayler and Level Up Massage to anyone looking for a talented massage therapist. My body craves deep pressure, but will become extremely guarded if not done correctly. So I tend to be a bit picky about who I let work on me. A good friend referred me to Tayler and I am happy that they did. You can tell that Tayler has an affinity for bodywork. He does a skillful job of reading your body, and smoothly transitioning between pressure to provide a very effective treatment. He also understands the importance of breathwork and movement, and does a great job of integrating them into his practice.

          Garrett M.

Tayler provided an even better customer experience than I could have hoped for! I went in with a stubborn muscular back injury, hoping that Tayler could help relax it. The massage he gave was intense in a great way, not only relaxing the injury but also releasing some of the surrounding muscles that were making the injury so stubborn and difficult to heal. Four days out from the massage, my overall soreness is down drastically, range and ease of motion is up, and and I am on my way to recovery!

          Carly L.

I receive massages once or twice per month through a corporate style massage company. I have chronic pain related to scoliosis, as well as leading a very active lifestyle (hiking, climbing, etc.). I received a massage from Tayler about a month ago and it was bar none the best massage I’ve ever had. I’m extremely particular/nervous when it comes to my back, because of my spinal curvature. Tayler talked me through what he was doing every step of the way, and it made the entire experience so much more comfortable. He was able to explain his rationales on an anatomical level, and would check in with me to make sure that I understood and was okay with what he was saying before moving forward with anything. He included me in the massage in a way that truly made it feel like a personalized experience; I 110% recommend him if you’re looking for a quality massage! (And if you’re not looking for a massage you should get one from him anyways because it will change your mind about massages).


Level Up Massage's bodywork is treatment focused. I enjoy giving goal oriented massages that are result driven. I incorporate this treatment work in a relaxing way to help your body and mind fully recover. Skills like Cupping, Gua Sha and more help me give the best massage possible.

My goal is to help you reach your potential. Using my ever expanding skills and techniques I can help you take your health, mind, and body to the next level.

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