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Chest Massage

Chest andBreast Massage Certification

Continuing Education that meets the WA State CE requirement for Breast Massage in WAC 246-830-555

Client Testimony

Stress affects our bodies negatively making our muscles tighten and sore. Many women including me carry our stress mostly on our shoulder, neck and especially our chest. Our pectoral muscles get inflamed and stiff. I’m a full time dental hygienist and work on patients 40 hours a week resulting in contorted posture and bad ergonomics. I go see Tayler to relieve stress and put my body back together.  I have done both partial and complete pectoral therapy.  I say that doing complete chest work makes a big difference in getting into deep scar tissues and muscle fibers to release fatigue and strain. Tayler is a trustworthy professional male therapist. He makes you comfortable doing a delicate vulnerable work. 


Chest Massage (Optional)

(Chest massage can be integrated into a full body session or an upper body treatment.  Chest massage is always optional and requires your specific consent.) 

Integrating chest massage within a massage treatment is a great way to help relax the tissue in the chest and promote healing. This work gives us better access to the muscles for breathing and our chest. It ease or eliminate discomfort and restrictions in the shoulders, neck, and upper back and it can promote better lymphatic movement, fuller breathing and circulation, and improved posture.

I am one of the few therapists in Seattle who offers chest massage with a treatment focus.  

My work targets the chest wall, deep to the breast tissue. The techniques I use are similar for people of all genders, for people with and without breasts.  For clients with breasts, I work through the fatty breast tissue, targeting the underlying chest wall.

At the start of your treatment we will discuss your options of receiving partial chest massage or full chest massage. 

  • ​Partial Chest Massage: This work is done with the breasts draped (see draping options below). Massage pressure is applied onto the muscle attachments at the sternum and on the ribs. Soft breast tissue is mostly, though not totally avoided. Nipple and areolas are totally avoided.   


  • Full Chest Massage: This work is done undraped and includes the full chest and breasts.  It includes the work done in the partial chest massage, and also includes flat palm or forearm strokes which glide over the entire chest, including the full breasts, similar to flat gliding strokes done on the back. The nipples are not targeted, but also not avoided.

For all genders, your written consent prior to the start of the massage is required for massage the full chest to be included in the massage. If during the intake process you have given consent for full chest massage, but then during the session decide you’d rather not have it, you can certainly change your mind.  On the other hand, if you have not given written consent for full chest massage prior to the start of the session, then requesting it midway through the session is not an option.

What are some benefits of chest massage?

  • Relieve stress and pain

  • Increase ease of movement in both lower and upper body

  • Supports ease of breathing

  • Supports healthy posture

  • Help mobilize scar tissue

  • Treat neck, rib, and shoulder injuries

  • support healthy circulation of blood and lymph supporting the immune system.

What are your communication protocols for chest massage?

Communication is very important to me; I am committed to working within your boundaries at all times.


We start by reviewing your health history.  I will explain the chest massage options, describing how I do the work, and I will describe your draping options. If you choose to receive either partial or full chest massage, will sign a consent form.  During the session, before we start the chest massage portion, I will re-confirm that you would still like to receive chest massage. You have the right stop, or limit, the treatment at any time for any reason.

Is it required to uncover my chest during the session?

Chest massage can be done with a breast drape or without it. Working through a drape is possible but limits what we can do. Undraped allows hands on work which allows us to glide over the tissue. This also allows for techniques like Swedish massage and cupping around the breast tissue to allow a more thorough release of the muscle tissue. This work is meant to match your comfort zone.  

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