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Lauren E

The most wholehearted 5 stars I could possibly give.


I have seen Tayler twice now and have found profound relief from neck pain, headaches and neck mobility issues that I have had my entire adult life. I am 37 years old and fortunate to be in good shape and health and yet was plagued by chronic discomfort and pain that made me feel much older than I am. I had never heard of P-DTR before meeting Tayler but was game for anything that could help my pain. Tayler is informative and caring. He communicates clearly what his process is and why he's doing it. I have learned so much about my own body and brain in only these two sessions. His massage work is just as amazing as his functional neurology work. He utilized cupping and massage to work on the scar tissue and adhesion's that have been limiting my range of motion and I have felt lasting relief for the first time.


Bottom line, Tayler is a rare find. He's professional and compassionate and has a healing energy. Genuinely so thankful to have found him!

Maggie G

Cannot say enough amazing things about Level Up! I went to Tayler for a massage to relieve some bad neck muscle tension, having never even heard of P-DTR before. I left a firm believer and keep going back for more. Not only did I receive an OUTSTANDING massage (including cupping which I'd never done before but now can't get enough of), but it's no exaggeration to say that after maybe 15 minutes of P-DTR (or "functional neurology" as Tayler describes it) I was able to turn my head without ANY pain for the first time in several months. Aside from how unbelievable that was for me, going to see Tayler is such an enjoyable experience in itself. He's professional, kind, and really attentive to every detail. He genuinely wants to help people live pain-free and it's evident in his dedication to this work. He's incredibly knowledgeable, and is really passionate about explaining the science behind everything. I'm SO grateful I happened to stumble into his path, because I can confidently say no matter the injury (acute, chronic) or dysfunction, Tayler will be able to eliminate it.

Elizabeth F

I have been receiving treatment from Tayler for the past 6 months. What started as a 2 hour deep-tissue massage from the beginning, is now an entirely integrated bodywork experience that leaves me feeling less pain, soreness, and stress after each session. I must say that Tayler’s hands are like magic! I love how our sessions are a combination of other forms of massage therapy and various techniques tailored to my specific needs. My treatment includes deep tissue massage, cupping, gua sha, chest massage, intraoral, and P-DTR (proprioceptive deep tendon reflex). The deep tissue massage is amazing, and Tayler does a fantastic job in identifying my problem areas and takes the time working through them by utilizing other techniques. P-DTR is a new technique introduced to me that I have never heard of, but after a couple of sessions, I noticed less pain and soreness in my jaw muscles and temples that haven’t returned in the past month.

I suffer from chronic and severe bruxism or jaw clenching from genetics and stress/anxiety, and to manage the symptoms, I receive routine botox injections into my masseters to relax my jaw muscles and relieve headaches. Although, the pain is not completely gone, it is a noticeable difference that I am wanting to explore. With that being said, the goal is to eventually wean off the use of botox after more P-DTR treatment sessions and gain long-lasting results. Tayler is professional, friendly, and very knowledgeable as well as passionate of his work as he is always studying, taking courses, and attending trainings to advance his skills. I always look forward to our appointments and hearing about his new discoveries with functional neurology. If I may give you any advice, just book a session with him and you’ll be glad you did! Thank you, Tayler!

Darla P

I recently had a massage session with Tayler where he was using proprioceptive deep tendon techniques on me. To a person without much anatomical knowledge, these words may not mean a lot. What is helpful to know is that the work was simple and comfortable, and didn't require me to disrobe at all. It was painless, and most importantly it is incredibly effective. I have had three separate instances of neck trauma which have caused me years of chronic issues, including persistent headaches. At the time that I saw Tayler I had been on the 4th day of consecutive headaches which were causing me a lot of discomfort. It has been more than a week since the session, and I have not had a single headache. I have also noticed that I haven't had any trouble with my shoulders, which were also a chronic issue for me. Furthermore, my legs and core feel more stable, and I have not had any pain or issues in using my hands, arms and shoulders.I would absolutely recommend this work, especially for people who may not be comfortable disrobing and lying on a table for more traditional methods of body work. I'm looking forward to working with Tayler again.

Jaime F

Five stars doesn’t even begin to cover it. I’ve been seeing Tayler for three months, and he’s done more for me in those sessions than any sports medicine doctor, PT or other specialist has done in YEARS. I’ve dealt with chronic hip issues for five years, and have been an athlete my whole life and sustained many injuries or “traumas” as Tayler calls them. I originally scheduled an appointment for deep tissue massage completely oblivious to his other offerings. I ended up leaving that first appointment also getting gua sha, cupping and (the most life changing) P-DTR!


Tayler uncovered and corrected countless neurologically-tied traumas I’ve just lived with for years thinking they were permanent. While some dysfunctions took two sessions to fix, others I have sustained and never had to deal with again after ONE session. The amount of pain relief I’ve had is truly unbelievable.

Each session is tailored how I want it, sometimes I want more P-DTR work and other times I want more deep tissue work. He ALWAYS checks in that I’m consenting (I have never felt more comfortable as a woman with a male therapist) and answers every one of my many questions about his work with enthusiasm. He checks in after every session to see how my recovery is and if I notice any differences. I’m so much more aware of and in tune with my body now.


There is no doubt Tayler loves what he’s doing and wants to help as many people as he can with it. Book a session, you will NOT regret it.

Jessee M.

I cannot say enough good things about Tayler! He is very kind, professional, personable, knowledgeable, and passionate about helping his clients achieve results. His facility is always clean, tidy, and welcoming. I always leave feeling so relaxed and free from tension.


I work at a desk, and carry the majority of my tension in my neck and shoulders. In an effort to seek relief from chronic migraines that I was experiencing, I started seeing Tayler in 2018. After receiving a handful of regular monthly deep tissue massages, the frequency of my migraines decreased significantly, and my range of motion throughout my body increased. I have tried other massage therapists, but they come nowhere close to achieving the results I get from Tayler.


One of the main reasons why I choose to continue to see Tayler is that he is constantly looking to improve his skills and apply new, effective techniques to his practice. Since I began seeing him in 2018, Tayler has incorporated gua sha and cupping into his practice, both of which yield great results. One day, he asked if I experience tightness in my jaw muscles (which I do), and offered intraoral massage (something he had just learned) as a solution. While it may sound like a strange experience to those who are not familiar, the results I get from intraoral massage are immediate and have brought so much relief into my life, that we now try to incorporate it into each session. These days, I experience migraines so rarely, which I truly attribute to my regular sessions with Level Up Massage.


Tayler has also kindly provided me with tools that I can use at home - recommended stretches, cupping, and CBD tinctures - which have prolonged the results I receive through massage. I am grateful that he has a variety of CBD products to choose from, as they have proven to be very effective for reducing tension and relaxing my muscles between sessions.


All in all, I cannot recommend Level Up Massage enough! Whether you are looking for relief from tension and pain, or are simply looking for a relaxing massage, I encourage you to book an appointment through Level Up Massage.

Rochelle C.

I've been a massage therapist for 21 years, and wish I would have found Tayler sooner! I love his style of deep tissue combined with massage cupping. His work is focused, professional and highly effective. He gets a lot of release work done in a short amount of time. My body feels more open, pain-free and rejuvenated every time I see him. In fact, I'm going back tomorrow for a 2-hour massage, and I can't wait!

Marisa M.

I have had three sessions with Tayler so far, and saw remarkable improvements after just the first one! I went for general aches and pains mostly in my shoulders, upper back and neck from sitting at a desk all day. These have been reduced by about 80%. He also incidentally resolved this random piercing pain I was getting behind my right eye after each workday. My muscle pain is at an all time low and I always look forward to my next appointment. I highly recommend his practice and appreciate the cleanliness and friendly attitude as well!

Lance L.

Tayler is one of the best massage therapists I've had in my 30 years of getting massages. I've worked with him for probably 3 years now and recommended him to many friends, all equally thrilled with the results. Tayler will adapt each session to your needs for the day and has a wide range of tools (cupping, theragun, aromatherapy, etc.) to round out the massage to get the most value out of your time there. He's very effective at focusing on areas that need attention and checks in both during and after the massage to make sure the issues you came in for are being addressed to your liking. I also tell friends that he is more on the "physical therapy" end of the spectrum of massage and will really help ease tension, knots, tightness at a level that goes beyond just a "relaxation" massage. He's professional, friendly, and one of the best at what he does. I highly recommend him.

Karli B.

I have been going to Tayler for a couple of years now for massage therapy. With his talent and passion for finding new techniques and creative solutions, and his great advice for how to improve self care in between visits, I have a body that moves and functions better now than it has in a long, long time. He is constantly improving and growing his tool kit to include a wide variety of techniques, and probably my favorite thing is that he talks with me about what's going on and what's working and how things feel, and then uses the things he believes will work best that day to address my body's needs. I don't have to guess which is best myself, and I don't have to pay for an add on like I have seen in so many places before. He brings all of his skills and tools into every massage and uses my input and his own expertise to deliver the best massage for me each time, and the results I feel weeks after speak volumes.


Also, while amazing massages are amazing, they're not the only important part of a good massage therapist. Tayler is also very professional and very comfortable to work with, I have never felt uncomfortable on his table for an instant.


I hesitate to describe him as "the best massage therapist in the whole darn world" only because I think you won't believe it if I say that. Seriously though, I've seen had a lot of massages by really a lot of people, and none have been as well-tailored to my needs, as effective, or had results as long-lasting as the results I get working with Tayler.


tl;dr? 11/10 would recommend :)