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Meet Tayler

Tayler Kurtzman Level Up Massage Seattle
Tayler Kurtzman Level Up Massage Seattle
Tayler Kurtzman Level Up Massage Seattle

Tayler Kurtzman

Proprioceptive - Deep Tendon Reflex

Licensed Massage Therapist

Certified Personal Trainer & Corrective Exercise Specialst

I started my interest in bodywork after receiving functional neurology work for low back and rotator cuff injuries. I had come to accept that I would live with this pain and discomfort the rest of my life. After a number of sessions I no longer had pain in these areas and was so relieved I could live my life to the fullest again. After leaving my career as a civil engineer behind I decided I wanted to pursue a path that would not only help others, but allow me to grow as a person. It was these desires that led me to change my career path to treatment oriented bodywork and I’ve felt fulfilled ever since.

In order to start my journey I first needed my license to touch so I pursued my education in massage therapy by graduating from Cortiva Institute of Massage in July 2017 in Seattle, WA and quickly started learning as much as I could. I took a wide variety of continuing education classes, did extra practice on new skills, and traded with as many experienced therapists as possible to grow my technique. I have come to favor treatment work since I find this work personally the most rewarding to give/receive and it always keeps this career interesting to try and solve the puzzle that is the human body. The extra modalities I gravitated towards the most was cupping therapy and intraoral massage which set me apart from many other practicioners.

The next step on my journey was to add the scope to help educate my clients on self-care and perform assessments in clinic. During the COVID-19 pandemic I studied through NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) and became a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) and Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES). This has furthered increased my understanding of the human body and how it functions.

In 2021 I finally pursued the education that initially healed my injuries and began my career healthcare. I started my training in high level functional neurology techniques and came to favor on specifically known as Propricioceptive-Deep Tendon Reflex (P-DTR) . This massive undertaking has allowed me to dive into the root of my clients pain and dysfunction. Through P-DTR I have been able to work on correcting muscular compensations, ligament issues, organ, emotional, cranial nerve dysfunctions and much more.

Every single day I study anatomy, neurology, or other topics that can better my understanding of my clients and their issues making for better results and a more interesting career.

If you are looking to relieve some tension, recover from or prevent injuries, set fitness goals, or just want to relax, my services are for you.

Just For Fun:

Level Up Massage's Bars are taken from my love of video games and RPG's. The red bar represents health, the blue bar symbolizes mind/spirit, and the green bar portrays your body's physical state or endurance.

*P-DTR/Massage cannot restore mana/magic

Learn more about my training history here:

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