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Gene Juarez Cupping Therapy Seminar 1
Gene Juarez Cupping Therapy Seminar 2

Your sessions are specially designed for your needs.

Level Up tailors every session to my clients specific needs, be that to relax or address a specific issue. Level Up uses a variety of skills to make sure I meet your needs including Functional Neurology & Massage Therapy.


It starts with the health history:

Level Up has a very thorough health history. This is because when it comes to dealing with trauma the body is going through dysfunction and issues can be created at any point in one's life and these can lead to chronic issues. From a functional neurology standpoint the more information I have the better I can treat you and find the source.

Your session:

When you arrive we will go over anything that sticks out on your health history and your needs for that days session. Assessments can be performed as needed. From there we can make a plan for the day and any deviation will be discussed to make sure we hit everything you scheduled for.

Why schedule with Level Up?

I am a practitioner who cares a lot about my clients and works hard to ensure you receive the best work. I deliver top quality functional neurology work and combine it with treatment focused massage therapy to achieve the best results possible while also leaving you feeling relaxed. Outside of the sessions I learn new skills, master techniques, and provide educational content for my clients. This allows my clientele to learn more about their body, self-care, and understand the work they are receiving. If you are looking for a great treatment session in Seattle, WA then my work is for you.

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