treatment sessions

My Personalized Touch

My massage is goal oriented with a focus on treatment work. I use my skills to ensure we treat your body while also leaving you relaxed. My hands on skills are based in deep tissue, neuromuscular techniques, and stretching.  I utilize IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization) tools like cupping, gua sha, and massage percussion devices, because they not only make a much larger difference in the tissue results but also make the work easier for your body allowing me to go deeper than with just my hands.

Your Treatment Session

Your session starts off with a quick intake to determine what your goals are. I will ensure we stay as realistic as possible and make sure we agree on the work for your time. While you're on the table I will have a heated Amethyst Biomat turned on to ensure I also give you a far infrared light treatment therapy as well during your massage.

Why Schedule With Level Up Massage?

I am a practitioner who cares a lot about my clients and works hard to ensure you receive the best work. As mentioned, above I deliver top quality massages during your treatment session. However, outside of the sessions I learn new skills, master techniques, and provide educational content for my clients. This allows them to learn more about their body, self-care, and understand the work they are receiving. If you are looking for a great treatment massage in Seattle, WA then my work is for you.

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