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Level Ups 2021 Evolution and Beyond

Hey Everyone, I wanted to give you an update on Level Up. During the pandemic I learned a lot about running a business, learned about alternative sources of revenue, and grew to even greater heights. But now in 2021 I am finally ready to take my career and company to what I always envisioned it to be.

Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) and Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES)

As a massage therapist my only scope of practice was soft tissue manipulation. With the inclusion of my CPT and CES at the start of 2021 I am now able to teach you exercises to help strengthen under-active muscles and inhibit over-active ones. This will help anyone looking to live pain free to take care of themselves outside of the treatment room after our sessions.

NeuroKinetic Therapy (NKT) and Proprioceptive-Deep Tendon Reflex (P-DTR)

Before I became a massage therapist, back when I was an engineer, I suffered a series of low back and shoulder injuries. I had accepted I would live with these issues and pain was a every day part of my life. I found a Neuromuscular Therapist who used NKT and P-DTR with me and healed injuries I had learned to live with for 3+ years. After moving to Seattle and eventually quitting engineering I became a massage therapist and perfected my skills and learned a large variety of techniques while still never forgetting the life changing work I received.

These courses are all about the Nervous system and learning how the brain works and interprets the information it gives/receives. Using a series of test can help fix corrupt information and work towards fixing incorrect muscle patterns and other extremely complex cases.

Once I have finished all these courses I will update my website to reflect and better explain these new modalities in detailed descriptions.

Now in 2021 I am finally pursuing this education and taking my career and ability to help clients to the next level. This is my educational agenda that I am already locked in for this year:

CPT & CES: Passed in Jan and Feb 2021

NKT Level 1 (15hrs): April 17-18

P-DTR Foundations Series, Module 1/3 (40Hrs) May 19-23

NKT Level 2 (15hrs): June 5-6

P-DTR Foundations Series, Module 2/3 (40Hrs) August 25-29

P-DTR Foundations Series, Module 3/3 (40Hrs) November 3-7

In 2022 and beyond I will receive the higher level certifications and skills for both these techniques. These aren't skills that will be mastered in a weekend but will take a lifetime of learning and practicing a little more every day and applying it little by little.

How this affects my career and clients

If my ability to grow was limited to a molehill before, now it is a mountain. With the combination of Massage Therapy, Personal Training, Corrective Exercise, Neurokinetic Therapy, and Proprioceptive-Deep Tendon Reflex and more the sky is the limit to what I can learn and utilize.

I could study a lifetime and keep learning, and as we grow so will the information available to us. My commitment as your therapist is I will continue daily to improve for you. This could be studying, trades, practice session with both friends and high level experienced practitioners, putting on and attending classes and incorporating a little more every session.

2021 and Beyond

Treatment sessions will continue to evolve and may no longer be your conventional massage. Some may still be undressed and under sheets but some may be done fully dressed in workout attire.

As I evolve and move further away from entire session of hands on soft tissue manipulation in the distant future I am considering options for clients looking to pay lower rates and wanting full massages by possibly hiring other therapists who I believe will be able to give the results that meet the Level Up Standards.

I plan to start giving back to the community by investing more time into teaching. Ideally I would love to teach Cupping, Gua Sha, Intraoral, Anatomy, Couples Massage for the general public, and more. I plan to TA classes in programs like NKT to help better my understanding and give back to the next generation.

I love my career and having so much to learn is exciting. I want to study every day just to get a little better, help more clients and relieve just a little more pain so you, the client, can live your best life.

If you want to learn more about NKT and P-DTR Check out the links Below

All my other key modalities and skills can be found in my "Specialties" page

Thanks so much for all your support and please feel free to reach out with any questions.

-Tayler K


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