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Why I Choose Visceral Manipulation for my Last Class this Year

What is Visceral Manipulation?

Visceral Massage is the hands-on manual therapy to help internal organs (viscera), surrounding fascia, and ligaments helping them glide and move more easily within your body. The goal of this work is to help restore the body and brain connection and allow you to operate more efficiently.

Sometimes depending if a body has been through trauma such as a car accident, surgery, or other trauma to the tissue then scar tissue can form and fascia can become disorganized. This soft tissue work can be valuable for helping to restore proper fascial movement within the body.

My personal experience and thoughts

Throughout the last 3 years of receiving work for my own personal body I keep hearing how so many of my issues come back to my large intestine and once I get that worked on I often find relief in neck, back, shoulder issues and more. It was around this time I started considering pursuing Viscera Manipulation. In the past year I have received a large number of manual therapy and functional neurology work on the pelvic floor. This has dramatically helped my lower and upper body issues. In the Upper levels of Viscera Manipulation (VM3) we actually learn how to work on the pelvic floor muscles.

As I get into more functional neurology based techniques I have learned what a profound effect the organs have on the body. I have often considered the organs to be a rather large weakness of mine and want to make sure that I can bolster my understanding and knowledge of these to compliment my neurological based techniques.

Relating this to Intraoral Massage

When I was in massage therapy school I thought the idea of Intraoral Massage sounded insane and could never understand why anyone would want their jaw muscles worked on. Eventually after working in the field I started to notice a large percentage of clients would search for detailed TMJ/TMJD and neck work but they could never find the release they were looking for. This led me to take intraoral massage which has not only been one of the most rewarding work for both my clients and personal self-care, but also been a huge way to grow my business and attract new clients as many therapist avoid this modality.

Will this be something I use every session?

Visceral Manipulation will most likely not be something that is incorporated every session. That being said I believe that if I was to suggest working on jaw muscles of every client, then they could find great benefit in that work. Hopefully this course gives me the tools to identify when it is beneficial.

With techniques like P-DTR we use Meridians, Viscera Referred Pain, Full Emotional Corrections, Cranial Nerves, and much more I am able to work on the organs health and function. I believe Visceral Manipulation will fit in well into this work as perhaps a gateway to also incorporate neural work, or perhaps add manipulation after some solid neural work and release surrounding fascia.

Who benefits from visceral manipulation?

  • Digestive Disorders

  • Organ issues

  • Post-operation and post-infection scar tissue and fascia disorganization

  • Emotional issues

  • Referred pain to other parts of the body

  • Energy issues

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