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How a cupping therapy class can boost your practice and career

Cupping therapy is a great way to boost your practice and make your life easier. It is easily incorporated into any massage therapy treatment. It provides a variety of benefits ensuring your clients will keep returning for your specialty work.

Boost your income!

Cupping Therapy (or massage cupping) on average can help boost your income. This is because this specialty will lead to better and longer lasting results making you more specialized. One option is to create an add-on option and charge $10-$20. The other option is to use cups every session and raise your rate all together.

Using cupping therapy to make deep work easier on the practitioner's body and less intense for clients.

Deep Tissue vs Cupping

When using your hands for deep tissue it can create awkward biomechanics that put unwanted pressure on your joints which can lead to pain, discomfort and overuse injuries. Utilizing a moving(dynamic) cup can feel the same as a forearm or elbow on a client depending how you perform the cupping movement. The main difference between massage and cupping is instead of a downward/positive pressure we create an upward/negative pressure creating a lift instead which comes with many other benefits.

Trigger Point Therapy Vs Cupping

One of the ways to release trigger points or tight muscle tissues is to maintain a static pressure on the location for at least 30seconds. Instead of using an elbow or our thumbs we can instead place a static cup on the location.

Using Static Cupping Therapy on Back

Increased results for clients

Cupping therapy has a variety of benefits which can help not only achieve better results, but improve the longevity of the change as well. When cupping therapy is used effectively it can also be performed at the same time as other techniques allowing for more areas to be worked.


Cupping has many great benefits including:

  • Increased blood-flow to tissue.

  • Stimulation of the lymphatic system.

  • Release of soft tissue(muscles).

  • Release of the layers below the dermis including fascia.

  • Increased range of motion and decreased pain.

  • Assisting in the removal of stagnant fluids trapped in tissue (the marks).

  • Breaking apart scar tissue and adhesions.


How often have you had a client come in and want to try to fit more into a session than reasonably possible? Well the cups will allow you to work on multiple areas at the same time.

An example could be a client requesting a full body massage in 60 minutes with extra time and focus on the back and shoulders. Not an outrageous request, but it does make it so you will be in a bit more of a hurry to get to the back and neck and sacrifice other areas.

When a client asks for this I simply ask "do you mind if I multi-task a bit with some static cups on your back while I work your lower body?" When this happens I simply do a nice static cupping layout on the upper body while working the lower body, then when I get my focused attention to the back they feel like that area's already been worked for 15+ minutes resulting in an increase release in the desired areas and more satisfied client.

Clientele Feedback:

Back when I worked for another company before Level Up we charged cupping as an add-on for around $20 more. I was passionate and always wanted to talk people into letting me using cupping therapy but eventually posed the question to some of the clients, "Why is cupping worth the extra $20 for you?" The general feedback I got was that often when they received a typical massage they would feel great for a week, but with cupping they felt amazing for a month or more! This means even though they are paying a little extra the results last vastly longer making it well worth while.


Cupping is a great way to advertise and boost your Search Engine Optimization (SEO's). This leads to a wider audience and more clientele.

Marketing Picture

The marks themselves are walking advertisements for you and your company. For your clients they may be great conversations starters and many individuals may ask questions and attempt to find out where they can go for the same treatment. More people understand the difference between a cupping mark and a bruise these days so people are more accepting of the marks as well and don't mind showing them off.

Offering a specialty service is a great way to attract and keep clientele. Cupping is making a comeback as people are looking for more natural ways to recover using eastern medicine.

Learning to keep your website up to date and writing blogs can boost your search results and increase the rate clients find you.

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Level Up Massage is starting to offer a variety of new classes for healthcare practitioners and the general public. Cupping therapy classes in Seattle, WA are now offered through Level Up Massage.

Teachng Cupping Therapy Self-Care course at Gene Juarez

Find the upcoming classes here and schedule a cupping course in Seattle today!

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