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Morton's Neuroma

Morton's neuroma is when the nerve between the metatarsals thickens and increases in size in order to protect itself. This will often be hypersensitive and very painful to the touch. This is most likely to occur between the 3-4 digit.

Picture of thicking of nerve in foot
Mortons Neuroma

The muscles most likely to cause issues with this are known as the interosseoi and lumbricals of the feet (see below). When they become overworked and dysfunctional can cause constant compression on this nerve resulting in the thickening.

Client experience:

One of my clients came in describing a lot of pain on the bottom of the foot. Each step would cause pain.

Upon manual palpation we found the spot that created the nervy sensations on the bottom of the foot and looked for overactive muscles.

Using P-DTR I was able to assess and treat the individual muscles and clear any hypertonic/locked/overactive muscles that I believe could cause compression on that nerve. She mentioned an immediate change and upon a follow up the pain was gone and hadn't come back.

Following up with manual therapy

After using P-DTR to return the tissue to a normal state it can be highly beneficial to perform massage therapy techniques on your feet as the nerve heals to make sure you're getting proper movement of the muscles and to make sure the correction stays.

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