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2022 Education Recap and What to Expect in the Future

2 years ago 2021 was all about learning new techniques and finally exploring the world of Functional Neurology using techniques like Proprioceptive-Deep Tendon Reflex (P-DTR) and NeuroKinetic Therapy (NKT). It was a extremely challenging year that pushed me to the limit.

2022 began with the original goal of seeing how far could I boost my foundational level understanding of these techniques as well as hone my skills to get the most accurate answers and most efficient results. This involved taking multiple muscle testing classes, learning more ways to approach and understanding functional neurology theory and techniques, and boost my knowledge of anatomy and the nervous system.

However, mid-year I was invited to participate in the Intermediate and Advanced P-DTR classes with Kim Limon which really built upon the strong foundation I developed in the first half of the year.

Near the end of 2022 I finally pursued the massage class that was always top of my list for years which I believe will be an amazing compliment to my neural work which was Visceral Manipulation.

What this means for my clients:

Clients can expect greater results than ever. My work will be more accurate and I will have a better approach to make sure the work we do inside the treatment room carries over to the outside world.

My understanding of viscera from both a Visceral Manipulation perspective as well as a P-DTR approach to the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system will open new doors for my clients pain and their overall health and wellness.

My Educational timeline for 2022:

  • P-DTR Masterclass: Common & Uncommon Pathologies Module 2/2

  • Passed P-DTR Theory Exam: Foundation Level

  • Manual Muscle Testing and Treatment Flow Concentration Course

  • Integrated Muscle Testing And Palpation (IMTAP)

  • P-DTR Curriculum: Foundations Research Update and Curriculum Review

  • CPR & AED Certification

  • Dynamic Neuromuscular Assessment (DNA): Module 1

  • P-DTR Intermediate & Advanced Series: Module 1/3

  • P-DTR Foundations and Intermediate Practicum in Washington DC

  • P-DTR Intermediate & Advanced Series: Module 2/3

  • Visceral Manipulation (VM1)

View all my upcoming and past trainings here: My Educational Journey

In-Depth Analysis and Overview of Classes in 2022

P-DTR Masterclass: Common & Uncommon Pathologies Module 2/2 (20hrs)

This P-DTR Masterclass was the 20 hour sequel to the one in December 2021. In this course we were able to look over 83 Uncommon Pathologies and looked at them from a clinical sense and understand how to identify them, how they can happen, and the traditional and P-DTR approach to treatment. Overall a great review of pathologies and something that will help me better understand my clients and more complex cases.

Passed P-DTR Theory Exam for the Foundational Material

Manual Muscle Testing & Treatment Flow Concentration Course (15hrs)

This course taught by Kim Limon had a mixed focus on muscle testing and a way to refine the treatment approach. I learned a variety of skills such as identifying how boundaries and the state of a nervous system on both the practitioner or client side can manipulate results. We went into learning how to identify high level patterns from both a visual assessment as well as positional testings. Client cheats and practitioner errors were also covered making this a great class to refine my testing and treatment protocol.

Integrated Muscle Testing And Palpation (IMTAP) (15hrs)

Thomas Well's course was all about getting extremely specific with our tests and now only how to boost accuracy but even tests our tests and create new ones to make sure we are getting the most accurate results. He share many common mistakes as well as going into the locked muscle theory. A nice portion of the class was also dedicated to learning how to better palpate the soft tissue and determine where to test by touch alone which will both improve accuracy but allow me to more quickly go after high value targets.

P-DTR Curriculum: Foundations Research Update and Curriculum Review (15hrs)

The P-DTR foundations update was a chance to review some of the toughest topics in the foundation level series while learning some new information about how these receptors and nociceptive pathways work.

Dynamic Neuromuscular Assessment (DNA): Module 1 (15hrs)

DNA took place in Chicago and was a great opportunity to learn more about the intrinsic core as well as Joseph Schwartz's approach to muscle testing. Here we focused on assessing to see how the body response to stimulus or a challenge as well as using global therapy localization to determine if it could be related to physiological, limbic, or structural. This also allowed us to open up a conversation with the nervous system and work on "keeping the container safe" and making sure we are doing whats best for you body.

P-DTR Intermediate & Advanced Series Module 1 (40hrs)

This module of P-DTR was an excellent class for boosting my treatment skills and knowledge of the body. I learned new ways to drastically speed up the effectiveness of my treatment as well as making sure the biggest issues were always found helping me to clear out more patterns. I also learned biomechanics of the: shoulder, elbow, hand, wrist,hip, knee, ankle and foot. Other topics like anerobic and aerobic dysfunctions were also covered in this module.

P-DTR Foundations and Intermediate Practicum in Washington DC

In October I had a chance to meet everyone I had been taking P-DTR with over the past 2 years in person in Washington DC. We had a chance to meet with Kim Limon for a 3 day practicum. This was to review everything from the foundation class series and the first module of intermediate/advanced. On top of that I stayed an additional 2 days for private mentor sessions with Kim Limon. Overall an amazing trip and it accomplished the goals of improving the quality and efficiency of my work.

P-DTR Intermediate & Advanced Series Module 2 (40hrs)

Module 2 of the upper levels included a variety of topics. The first half focused on the biomechanic of the spine including the cervical, thoracic, lumbar and sacral region. Then we got into one of the P-DTR topics I have been most excited about which is Viscera. We learned how to assess the organs/glands to make sure they are able to properly send information to teach other and how to treat these issues. Module 2 also focused heavy on the tongue and related taste/ sensitivities, lymphatics, energy cycle issues, iliocecal valve and more!

VM1: Visceral Manipulation: Abdomen 1 (24 hrs)

Visceral manipulation was a class through the Barral Institute. This course covered the palpation and manipulation of viscera (organs) and their ligamentous attachments. This will be a great for any clients but specifically anyone with gland/organ issues, headaches, body pain or just looking to improve quality of life. This class however was extremely difficult for me because it takes light touch and increasing the knowledge your hands can take in. This class will also drastically require improvement of my anatomy in the abdominal cavity. Clients can expect increased suggestions for abdominal work and encouraging clients to let me practice for a couple minutes before or after their sessions so I can increase proprioceptive awareness in my hands.

My Goals for 2023

1) Polishing P-DTR Skills

In 2021 and 2022 I started my journey into the realm of functional neurology and have loved the results. I am just finishing the advanced material and as such will only have masterclasses to look forward to to learn new information. So in 2023 I want to focus on mentorship and growing my skills to make sure that I am able to deliver the absolute best and most time efficient work for my clients.

I'll also be focusing on passing 3 certifications as a way to do quality assurance on myself. The first 2 are theory exams over the material and the proficiency one will require me to pass a in-person exam and treatment test in Washington DC. So far there are only 7 people in the world with this one and I am hoping to become #8.

  • P-DTR Theory Exam: Intermediate

  • P-DTR Theory Exam: Advanced

  • P-DTR Certificate of Proficiency (end of year or 2024)

2) Starting to grow my Visceral Manipulation clientele

One of the things I am extremely excited to work on is combining the knowledge of viscera from P-DTR and my Visceral Manipulation Class. Visceral manipulation has to do with the assessment and soft-tissue work on the organs and ligamentous structures while P-DTR works to treat them neurologically. I think this will be a powerful combination and look forward to writing a lot of blogs to help clients find this potent work with me to help them overcome any chronic issues they may have.

3) Put classes together for healthcare practitioners.

I am currently working on putting together classes for healthcare practitioners. This will be a great way to give back to the community and impart my skills and knowledge to others so they might also deliver amazing work and help their clientele. Classes I want to focus on in 2023 include Cupping Therapy and Intraoral Massage.

Classes and Certifications I plan to pursue in the future:

  • Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex (P-DTR)

  • Intermediate & Advanced Series Module 3 (Jan 4th-8th 2023)

  • Intermediate & Advanced Practicum in Washington DC (March, 2023)

  • Biomechanics Masterclass

  • Certificates to Pursue:

    • Theory Exam: Intermediate Material

    • Theory Exam: Advanced Material

    • Certificate of Proficiency

  • Visceral Manipulation

  • VM2: Abdomen 2

  • VM3: The Pelvis

  • VM4: The Thorax

  • LT1: Listening Techniques 1: An Integrative Approach to Evaluation

Huge Thanks Again

This has been an extremely intense and phenomenal year. Probably some of the most drastic growth I've ever experienced as a practitioner since starting my career. I appreciate all my great clients who helped me practiced and the ones in clinic who enjoyed experiencing this new work.

I look forward to continuing to grow to help achieve the best results possible for all my clients. 2023 will be a amazing year and I can't wait to showcase how much further I can evolve as a treatment specialist.

Thanks for helping me.... Level Up :)

Tayler Kurtzman

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