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P-DTR and My Educational Journey

P-DTR (Proprioceptive-Deep Tendon Reflex) For clients who have scheduled since July you may have noticed a new technique being used in my practice to get better and longer lasting results. I have started using P-DTR to perform non-invasive and quick changes that can help with dysfunctions you've created over your life-time that can lead to pain, weakness, lack of range of motion and other dysfunctional patterns. As this is a rather new experience for most of my clients I wanted to provide you some education and resources. On my website you can find more information on P-DTR and at the bottom of the page are the links to the classes page and P-DTR's website for students and patients. Level Up's P-DTR Specialty:

Many clients have already started switching to full P-DTR sessions or a mixture where we perform the neurological work at the start of the session and then switch to soft-tissue manipulation when we have hit or neural limit or depending on your goals for the day. Level Up Massage will still be offering amazing massage sessions if you're interested in doing a full soft tissue treatment.

Dress Attire:

Knowing what to wear for your session goals is important so I have also included a new dress code which you can find in the email reminders and session confirmations. If you're coming in for treatment work I suggest wearing workout attire. Please avoid movement restricting clothes such as jeans to ensure proper assessments and treatment. Feel free to change your clothes in the bathroom prior to your session time. If you're coming in specifically for a relaxing soft-tissue massage feel free to wear whatever you want since we will use proper draping techniques during the session.

Current P-DTR Knowledge/Proficiency Level and Future classes This is going to be a new experience for a lot of you and I'd like to remind you that while I can make huge differences already I am only 66% of the way through the foundations level with the other 33% taking place in November. This will be followed with 2 pathology classes specifically related to P-DTR in December & January and the Intermediate and advanced levels in 2022. You can view my current class schedule below:

Upcoming Scheduled Training:

Keep in mind that while I have not learned everything yet that does not mean that this is not efficient. Some clients who see me every 2-3 weeks for routine maintenance have already started seeing great results as we go through your body with my current knowledge addressing as many issues as we can with my current knowledge. As more modules are added we will just keep creating more positive and powerful changes in your vessel allowing you to live pain free and operating at your peak performance.

My Educational Journey

Since starting my journey as a healthcare practitioner I have taken a lot of Educational Classes to help my clients live their best lives. I wanted to compile a list of everything I have done and when for you. This page can be used to view upcoming trainings I have or see what I am certified in, in case you or a friend/referral was interested in finding a practitioner trained in a specific modality.

Thanks again for Joining me on this amazing journey and I look forward to keep improving to help all of you live your best life and have a fun and rewarding career!


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