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Why You Should Consider Therapeutic Breast and Chest Massage

What is breast massage and chest massage?

Breast and chest massage is a way to use the hands to do soft tissue manipulation on the pectoral and other underlying muscles including the breast tissue. Breast Tissue would be considered the fatty tissue found more superficial to the chest muscles. Other benefits includes being able to enable the lymphatic system, increase blood circulation, and work on scar tissue and adhesions that either build up over time due to overuse or surgeries in the area.

Rules and regulations regarding chest massage

Depending where you go in the world breast massage is handled very differently. In some locations chest massage is just a normal part of the session where men and women are treated no differently in this area. In places like the United States breast tend to be avoided and this work is considered illegal sometimes depending on the state you live in. Furthermore states that do allow it require continuing education, written consent forms, and some places like Tennessee only allow same sex practitioners for this work. In many places throughout the United States both men and women should be signing chest consent forms, but this is rarely enforced with men. This means men tend to get a lot more tension release on these upper body muscles that play into shoulder and back tension than women.

Requirements in Washington State:

Breast massage allowed with verbal and written consent and 16 hours special education: WAC 246-830-555

Check this site out from my Chest/Breast Massage Educator that has all 50 state's Chest massage requirements:

Is undraping the breast necessary?

Undrapping the breast tissue is not necessary. If a client feels comfortable a practitioner can work along the sternum and release those attachments. This can be accomplished through the sheets or a V-drape. The upper pectorals can be worked on without touching the breast tissue. This is what you would normally receive during a massage. This means the majority of the chest is avoided however.

What are the benefits of Undrapping the Breast Tissue?

Nurturing Touch: The treatment room is a place for nurturing touch and healing so long as you trust your practitioner.

Full access to the chest muscles: A partial drape will only get the upper fibers of the chest tissue and the sternal attachments. However, with the breast undraped we have full access to the chest muscles including: Pectoralis Sternal and Costal, Pec Minor, Sub Clavious, and the many intercostals between each rib.

Palpation and increased information: A massage therapist works hard over many years to develop their palpation skills that we use on the entire body to feel tension, adhesions, scar tissue, inflammation and more. Being able to do the same on the chest as opposed to layers of sheets just gives a chance to learn more about the area we are working.

More techniques available: With undraped breast we have access to the soft tissue and can use things like Swedish massage techniques and cupping. This allows for a far great engagement of the tissue as well as boosting circulation and stimulating lymphatic drainage. For women going through pregnancy or post-pardum lymphatic stimulation can be huge for ducts in the breast tissue.

Why as a male therapist I decided to pursue breast massage?

From a video game perspective I have to explore every section of the map. Sometimes that last area you miss could hold great treasure or a secret boss fight which nobody wants to miss. When I started massage therapy I said I would never do Intraoral massage, soft tissue work inside the jaw, because it made me nervous and the idea felt invasive. However, once I left school I found the more people I worked on the more their issues were related to their neck and jaw and I eventually knew that not learning this technique was providing a disservice to my clients. It was one of the most rewarding techniques I’ve learned and I have helped so many people with it. Its for this reason I eventually knew I had to step way outside my comfort zone yet again, and pursue chest/breast massage in order to unlock final area of the map that affects so many women when it comes to: back, neck, chest and shoulder pain. I’ve had a lot of women I’ve worked on for years and never fully released their chest tension and since the new work I provide I have seen massive results on those individuals. Check out the testimony below to see a clients experience regarding breast massage.

As a male therapist my top priority is communication. Verbal consent is done every time and I have very clear draping forms everyone over the age of 18 needs to sign regardless of gender. I am extremely grateful I have so many clients that trust me with both their health and vessel and allow me to do this work on them.

Client testimony:​ Stress affects our bodies negatively making our muscles tighten and sore. Many women including me carry our stress mostly on our shoulder, neck and especially our chest. Our pectoral muscles get inflamed and stiff. I’m a full time dental hygienist and work on patients 40 hours a week resulting in contorted posture and bad ergonomics. I go see Tayler to relieve stress and put my body back together. I have done both partial and complete pectoral therapy. I say that doing complete chest work makes a big difference in getting into deep scar tissues and muscle fibers to release fatigue and strain. Tayler is a trustworthy professional male therapist. He makes you comfortable doing a delicate vulnerable work. -Jenni

To Read more about Chest Massage visit the Specialty Section on my website to learn more: Chest Massage

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