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Massage Therapy's 8 Great Benefits

Massage is the manipulation of the body's soft tissues using a variety of techniques, fingers, elbows, knees, forearms, feet, or a device. The purpose of massage is generally for the treatment of body stress or pain. Massage therapy can provide a variety of results in a short time. It’s a versatile service which incorporates as many skills and techniques as the practitioner desires to learn. Even 20 minutes of massage can make a difference. However, frequent and longer sessions result in more powerful and diverse benefits.

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Reduce muscle tension

Massage uses a variety of techniques to warm up, lift, inhibit, and lengthen muscle tissue. A massage therapist can accomplish this by using just their hands or tools like gua sha, cupping, percussion guns, and more. Additionally, loosening overactive muscles can help prevent pain and future injuries.

Decrease pain

Pain comes in many forms and has a variety of sources including the buildup of excess fluids, muscle pain due to chronic tightness and trigger points (muscular knots that radiate pain), dysfunctional limitation of muscles, and overuse of muscles, and chronic stress. Massage can help reduce this pain throughout the body, and repeated sessions can help prevent the pain from returning.

Increase range of motion and flexibility

During a massage, a massage therapist can break apart adhesions and scar tissue which limit the extensibility of the muscles. Massage increases blood flow and inhibiting muscle receptors which prevent muscles from lengthening too fast. Overall, massage increases range of motion of your joints and flexibility of your soft tissue.

Boost immune system

Massage therapy boosts blood flow to tissues. Increased blood flow boosts the immune system and healing response. The increased blood flow allows for your body to deliver more nutrients and remove waste from the body. At least 20 minutes of massage places your body in a relaxed state and the healing mode known as a Parasympathetic state, further boosting your immune system.

Decrease stress, anxiety, and depression

Americans often live in a state of chronic stress. With a short massage can help bring your body out of the stress response which is also known as the “sympathetic state.” This can decrease blood pressure and help reduce stress hormones like cortisol. This allows for your body and mind to recover from the stress. Massage can also release endorphins, boosting your mood. A complete explanation of the need to reduce stress and benefits of massage, see the blog “Stress - The Silent Killer.”

Decreased Stressed

Improved sleep and reduced fatigue

Massage can help you sleep more soundly and comfortably by calming your nervous system and making sleep more comfortable. Increased sleep increases your energy and improves your mood throughout the day. Decreasing pain and increasing energy can motivate additional physical activity, further improving your rest. Massage provides a reinforcing cycle of benefits for your mental and physical energy.

Massage Therapy Benefits Sleep

Recover from surgery and injuries

Surgery can cause extensive trauma in the body. It creates inflammation throughout the surgical area and causes pain and swelling. Massage helps stimulate the lymphatic system, allowing fluids to flush out of the area and promote healing. Massage helps you return to your optimal movement patterns more quickly.

Removing toxins

Harmful toxins can build in the body and get trapped in your tissues. Toxins can become visible when brought to the surface with cupping. Massage and cupping can help with the removal of:

● Toxins from chemotherapy

● Smoke in chronic smokers or firefighters

● Alcohol from beverages

● Toxins from drug use

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